Thoughts & Opinions


Oh wow! My first post! It’s so exciting! Not really. In actuality I’m watching The Blacklist and trying not to sound like a tool. I guess I really wanted to discuss the purpose of this blog. The title should make it pretty self-explanatory. This blog is to share my thoughts and opinions. Let’s be clear, there will be little to no ranting. My posts will be one or a combination of three things, a thought, an opinion, or an experience. Experiences are pretty self-explanatory. They happen, I write about them. Thoughts are not facts; they are not opinions, simply the gentle musings of supremely bored Millennial. Consider the thoughts simple shower philosophies. Why do you leave a door ajar and a jar open? Like that, only not jokes from middle school. Opinions are up for grabs. From books to hot button issues, I reserve the right to politely speak my inclinations and more importantly change my opinion at any time in the face of new evidence or appealing perspective. Comments and subject requests are welcome. Nothing may come of them, as I can barely return a text message in a timely matter, but they’re welcome. And hey, you never know if you don’t try.

I can promise you this, I may not like everyone, but I don’t hate anyone. I will never put down a person or group of people. There is always the chance that I won’t agree with something, but agreeing and accepting are two different things.

Doesn’t that sound so serious yet awesome? It’s almost like I’ll be discussing really important things like politics and religion! Perhaps, but not the way you’re imagining. I can guarantee that I will not discuss politicians, celebrities, or religious leaders in a negative way. I literally do not care about figureheads. Laws, yes! Hot button issues, maybe! People, no! Book reviews, definitely! I know what you’re thinking, this whole spiel was to forewarn a bad review of Twilight, but you would be mistaken. I mostly want an outlet to share those abstract thoughts, and fluid opinions. I want a place to write about my experiences other than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles diary. Also I want a yacht. I mean while we’re wishing for things…

So to make a long story short this is my place to share. It’s cheaper than therapy and more fun than protesting. I guess, in my opinion, there is enough hate in the world. Hate is malignant and infectious it can only by cured by acceptance. The only way to gain acceptance is to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; or since we live in the digital age and I am a card-carrying member of Gen Y, read someone’s blog. Hint hint – read my blog. So welcome, enjoy, question, and agree or disagree at your pleasure. If you take nothing else from this, please keep the message of acceptance.


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